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Osaka City University alumni currently residing in Thailand are encouraged to contact the OCU Bangkok office to establish ties with our local OCU Alumni chapter.

Please send an email to ocu.bkk -at- gmail.com (swap @ for -at-) with alumni relations in the subject line and our representative will get back with you.

Alumni dinner at the Uomura restaurant in August 2019. OCU President Dr. Tetsuo Arawaka seated top center.


Alumni Network

Above: President Nishizawa with OCU Global Exchange Advisers. From left to right Yoshiyuki Hasegawa, Yuka Maeda, President Nishizawa, and Yoko Hamada.

Below: A previous alumni dinner at The Porch restaurant. Center right OCU Vice President Tooru Inoue Phd.


Above: Alumni dinner at SASA International House. OCU President Dr. Tetsuo Arawaka (book) and Dean Dr. Bussakorn Binson (banner) Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University. See facebook.com/tetsuo.arakawa & more dinner photos.


Below: Left, OCU President Dr. Tetsuo Arawaka meets with Chulalongkorn University’s President Professor Bundhit Eua-arporn, Ph.D., center and Chula’s Dean of Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Dr. Bussakorn Binson, right.


Dean Bussakorn with OCU President Dr. Tetsuo Arawaka visiting one of over 50 wall art locations under her “Chula Art Town” project that brought together known and lesser known graffiti artists into the university campus neighborhood. This is adjacent to a noodle shop.