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Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU), the first municipal university to be established in Japan, celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2020. Today, it is the largest public university in the country as well as the only comprehensive university within the city of Osaka. OMU is composed of eight faculties and eleven graduate schools (Business, Economics, Law, Literature and Human Sciences, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Human Life Science, Urban Management, Creative Cities) and has about 8,000 students and 2,000 staff members. At the time of establishing OMU's predecessor, the Osaka University of Commerce, the Mayor of Osaka emphasized its mission to carry out creative research that would contribute to the city and its residents and not just be an imitation of the existing national universities. His vision has been kept in honor until this very day and it is OMU's aim to continue as an urban-oriented university that strives to study possible solutions to the contemporary challenges facing urban areas.


Type: Public

Location: Osaka-shi, Osaka

Number of Students:

6,553 undergraduate

1,599 graduate

Number of Staff:

Teaching staff 729

Office staff 1,486

Website: https://www.upc-osaka.ac.jp/new-univ/en-research/about/


In all of OMU’s faculties emphasis is placed on small grouped tutorials and seminars, so teaching staff is easily approachable and students can freely lay down their questions. Students get fundamental knowledge in their subject, making them ready to start practicing in their field after graduation or to continue their studies in graduate school. OMU offers excellent facilities such as the Media Center and its library, which is one of the leading library facilities in Japan.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Business: Management, Management Information, International Business,

Industry & Urban City Management, Finance & Distribution, Accounting

Faculty of Economics: Economics

Faculty of Law: Law

Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences: Philosophy & History, Human Behavioral Science, Language & Culture

Faculty of Science: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geosciences

Faculty of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics & Electronics, Electric & Information Engineering, Applied Chemistry & Bioengineering, Architecture & Building Engineering, Urban Design & Engineering

Faculty of Medicine: Medicine

School of Nursing: Nursing

Faculty of Human Life Science: Food & Nutrition, Housing & Environmental Design, Human Development & Welfare

Graduate School of Urban Management: Urban policy and regional economy, Urban administration, Urban business, Medical & welfare innovation management

Graduate School for Creative Cities: Urban Business, Urban Policy, Urban Information


OMU’s Abeno Campus (Medicine - Nursing) and Sugimoto Campus (all other

faculties) are both located in the south of Osaka, easily accessible by public transport.

Osaka offers you all you could want from a modern city: excellent food, convenient public transport, mountains nearby and easy access via the international airport at only 35 minutes by train from the city center. Yet costs of living are relatively low, commuting times short and being in the middle of the culturally rich Kansai area with cities such as Kyoto and Nara, you will never run out of places to explore.

International Exchange

OMU actively welcomes foreign students and researchers to come and join us in the liberal and forward-looking spirit of OMU. Students can enter as degree, non-degree (research students) or exchange students. To facilitate the exchange of students and researchers OMU has concluded more than 100 agreements with universities and research institutes around the world. Students who come to OMU on an exchange program can take regular undergraduate and graduate classes in their field of study and are also offered Japanese language classes and a course introducing Japanese culture and history. Most of the regular classes are taught in Japanese.

Student Support

The Global Exchange Office of OMU supports our international students with their visa application, student housing and daily life. We also organize regular international exchange events to give students the opportunity to make new friends and we invite our international students for a day-trip every year.

OMU’s Global Members

OMU Global Members (OGM) is a group of Japanese and international students promoting international exchange in cooperation with the Global Exchange Office. OGM is in charge of many of the international exchange events, to make our international students feel right at home and welcome.


In line with its mission as a city university, OMU carries out university-wide research into issues that affect urban areas, in the widest sense of the word. Three leading university research projects are in the fields of artificial photosynthesis, preventive health care and disaster prevention. OMU is proud of its top class research reputation that is reflected by the number of research projects granted by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Nobel Prize Winners:

2008: Distinguished Professor Emeritus Nambu receives Nobel Prize in Physics

2012: Dr. Yamanaka (graduated from the OMU Graduate School of Medicine) receives Nobel Prize in Medicine Research

Sports and Cultural Facilities

OMU has extensive sports facilities: baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts, a pool, horse riding club and gymnasiums. Students are encouraged to make use of the facilities to safeguard a healthy life balance. There are more than 200 student clubs and circles at OMU offering a wide range of activities. Most likely you will be able to find a club or circle in your field of interest.


Osaka Metropolitan University

*Note the below will be updated soon with info from  the OCU & OPU merger